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"Gibson" Reproduction Neck - 1950's RB-100

"Gibson" Reproduction Neck - 1950's RB-100

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"Gibson" Reproduction Neck for 1950's RB-100:

-Mahogany neck

-Rosewood fretboard

-Dot inlays at 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, and 22

-Flyswatter headstock

-"Gibson" block font waterslide decal

Heel is uncut and unfinished, will be fitted and finished to your banjo for an extra charge.

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Customer Reviews

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Jim H.
Lefty RB-100 Neck

Gibson banjos are an institution for the aspiring banjoist. There is just nothing like holding a Gibson. The classic shape and logo mean everything to these musicians, especially banjo players. I grew up staring at players including my dad, who owned one Gibson banjo, one Gibson guitar, one Winchester shotgun…you get the pattern.

I did a little research and found maker Hunter Lemon through Banjo Hangout. He has a passion for Gibson banjos, and in particular, the RB-100/250 “bowtie” era banjos. His work looked faithful. After some discussion, Hunter agreed to make a near exact replica of an RB-100 neck that I need for a project. The key elements, had to be exact match of shape, jumbo frets, and exact match of color and grain filler. Hunter had already made a couple of necks for similar projects.

Like all special orders, there were some challenges. Hunter was determined to get the right color and grain filler texture to match Gibson’s – no easy task. We all know, the best things are worth waiting for. Hunter was successful, and indeed the additional wait was worth it.

A couple things for those unfamiliar with custom builds include the fact that wood will change with time, climate, and geographical location. Another thing to consider is that Gibson banjos were not standardized in the bowtie era, especially in the 60’s. Hunter used his personal 1959 RB-100 as a guide for building my neck, and because of Gibson’s unstandardized practices, the heel depth turned out to be a bit much for the original resonator and will need to be shaved eventually. Also, as with any new neck, you have to custom fit the heel to the old pot. I expect to fine tune the setup and fret dress with any custom build as well.
I’ve had several comment on the appearance, that the neck color and finish are about the best matches to Gibson as they’ve seen. Hunter also selected the fretboard to look very much like the 60’s Brazilian Rosewood. He also did a great job on the peghead paint and logo – it’s nearly indistinguishable for the original neck.
The best part is the bargain that Hunter provides. Given the extra time he invested to get the color and finish formula correct, his prices are about as low as you can find for a handmade neck, and unmatched for such a faithful replica.

I highly recommend Hunter for your replica neck projects. I’m confident he can provide 99% of anyone’s needs.