Setup and Repair

Item Price
Install 5th String Spikes $7.00 (spikes included)
Partial Refret Without Binding $13.00 (per fret)
Partial Refret With Binding $14.00 (per fret)
Installing new tuners - Upper 4 $23.00 (does not include new tuners, installation only)
Replace Friction 5th Tuner with Geared Tuner $33.00 (does not include new tuner, installation only)
New Bone Nut $36.00 (includes bone nut blank)
Basic Setup - tighten head, lower nut, adjust truss rod and/or coordinator rods, new strings (not included) $39.00
Replace Head $42.00 (does not include new head, installation only)
Repair Stripped Lag Bolt(s) $60.00 (new lag bolts included)
Partial Heel Cut - Tension Hoop notch only, more room for tightening head $62.00 (does not include new tuner, installation only)
Broken Headstock or Heel $98.00 to $228 (depending on severity)
Complete Neck Reset $101.00
Complete Refret Without Binding $172.00
Complete Refret With Binding $185.00