75 Custom

Starting at $2,300*

The Lemon 75 Custom is a banjo built to feed the hunger of the owner. The 75 Custom is not a standardized model from Lemon Banjo, but a made-to-order model. Simply fill out the form below, and I will email you back with a quote and a computerized likeness of the banjo with your chosen specifications!

If you would prefer to discuss your custom banjo over the phone, please do not hesitate to call me at 304-266-0476!

All Lemon 75 Custom Banjos include a 10-Year Limited Warranty, detailed at https://lemonbanjosupply.com/pages/warranty.

*Price will vary depending on options selected

75 Custom FAQs

Why is it called a 75 Custom?

I decided to designate my fully custom banjos as a "75 Custom" for the simple reason of honoring the prewar Gibson Style 75. I spent some time looking at many prewar 75s, and it appears that many of them looked like floorsweep models, or in other words, many of the prewar 75s did not match the catalog description of 75. Because a fully customized banjo will typically be unique, I named my custom banjos a "75 Custom" in honor of the unique prewar 75s.

Can I build a banjo however I want?

For the most part, yes. I am adding new options from time to time as my capabilities increase. If it is not listed in the Designing form above, email me and ask me about it and I will work with you.